Gene Ontology
GO:Ontology Number of ORFS Category
'de novo' IMP biosynthesis14P
'de novo' pyrimidine base biosynthesis12P
3'-5' exonuclease activity25F
3'-5'-exoribonuclease activity18F
35S primary transcript processing71P
acetate metabolism7P
acetyl-CoA metabolism20P
acetyltransferase activity48F
acid-amino acid ligase activity46F
actin binding16F
actin cap15C
actin cortical patch39C
actin cortical patch assembly15P
actin cytoskeleton85C
actin cytoskeleton organization and biogenesis105P
actin filament binding8F
actin filament organization63P
actin filament-based process109P
actin polymerization and/or depolymerization9P
acyltransferase activity86F
adaptation to pheromone during conjugation with cellular fusion13P
adenyl nucleotide binding19F
aerobic respiration84P
age-dependent general metabolic decline8P
age-dependent general metabolic decline during chronological cell aging7P
alcohol biosynthesis30P
alcohol catabolism36P
alcohol metabolism155P
aldehyde metabolism19P
aldo-keto reductase activity8F
alpha-type channel activity11F
amine biosynthesis108P
amine metabolism219P
amine transport48P
amine transporter activity40F
amino acid and derivative metabolism198P
amino acid biosynthesis99P
amino acid catabolism28P
amino acid derivative biosynthesis20P
amino acid derivative metabolism27P
amino acid metabolism183P
amino acid permease activity7F
amino acid transport37P
amino acid transport22P
amino acid transporter activity32F
amino acid-polyamine transporter activity11F
aminopeptidase activity11F
aminophospholipid transporter activity9F
anaphase-promoting complex16C
anion transporter activity18F
antioxidant activity20F
antiporter activity9F
arginine biosynthesis10P
arginine metabolism15P
aromatic amino acid family biosynthesis16P
aromatic amino acid family metabolism21P
aromatic compound biosynthesis17P
aromatic compound metabolism57P
Arp2/3 protein complex7C
aryl-alcohol dehydrogenase activity8F
asexual reproduction81P
asparagine metabolism9P
aspartate family amino acid biosynthesis18P
aspartate family amino acid catabolism10P
aspartate family amino acid metabolism45P
aspartic-type endopeptidase activity8F
ATP binding16F
ATP synthesis coupled electron transport (sensu Eukaryota)25P
ATP-dependent DNA helicase activity10F
ATP-dependent helicase activity36F
ATP-dependent RNA helicase activity26F
ATPase activity110F
ATPase activity170F
ATPase activity, coupled to movement of substances58F
ATPase activity, coupled to transmembrane movement of ions33F
ATPase activity, coupled to transmembrane movement of ions, phosphorylative mechanism18F
axial bud site selection22P
base-excision repair10P
basic amino acid transport9P
basic amino acid transporter activity8F
beta-glucan biosynthesis8P
beta-glucan metabolism9P
beta-glucosidase activity8F
biogenic amine biosynthesis19P
biogenic amine metabolism25P
biological process unknown1535P
biopolymer biosynthesis29P
biopolymer catabolism161P
biopolymer glycosylation68P
biopolymer metabolism1605P
biopolymer methylation35P
biopolymer modification584P
bipolar bud site selection32P
branched chain family amino acid biosynthesis13P
branched chain family amino acid metabolism16P
bud neck106C
bud site selection65P
bud tip48C
budding cell apical bud growth11P
budding cell isotropic bud growth10P
calcium ion homeostasis7P
calcium-dependent cell-cell adhesion9P
calcium-mediated signaling7P
carbohydrate binding8F
carbohydrate biosynthesis64P
carbohydrate kinase activity15F
carbohydrate metabolism197P
carbohydrate phosphatase activity7F
carbohydrate transport28P
carbohydrate transport30P
carbohydrate transporter activity27F
carbon-carbon lyase activity28F
carbon-nitrogen ligase activity, with glutamine as amido-N-donor8F
carbon-nitrogen lyase activity7F
carbon-oxygen lyase activity36F
carbon-sulfur lyase activity9F
carboxy-lyase activity20F
carboxylic acid biosynthesis17P
carboxylic acid metabolism302P
carboxylic acid transport50P
carboxylic acid transporter activity43F
carboxylic ester hydrolase activity29F
carrier activity107F
catalytic activity1904F
cation binding13F
cation homeostasis90P
cation transport92P
cation transport89P
cation transporter activity128F
cation-transporting ATPase activity17F
CCR4-NOT complex12C
CCR4-NOT core complex7C
Cdc73/Paf1 complex7C
cell adhesion18P
cell communication190P
cell cortex99C
cell cycle399P
cell cycle arrest11P
cell cycle arrest in response to pheromone8P
cell cycle checkpoint49P
cell death46P
cell differentiation109P
cell division127P
cell fraction111C
cell growth13P
cell homeostasis110P
cell ion homeostasis100P
cell organization and biogenesis1487P
cell projection43C
cell projection biogenesis7P
cell redox homeostasis10P
cell separation during cytokinesis7P
cell surface receptor linked signal transduction40P
cell wall biosynthesis (sensu Fungi)20P
cell wall chitin biosynthesis7P
cell wall chitin metabolism8P
cell wall organization and biogenesis148P
cell wall organization and biogenesis (sensu Fungi)28P
cell wall polysaccharide biosynthesis (sensu Fungi)15P
cellular biosynthesis1104P
cellular carbohydrate catabolism50P
cellular carbohydrate metabolism181P
cellular catabolism340P
cellular component unknown887C
cellular lipid metabolism211P
cellular localization524P
cellular macromolecule catabolism250P
cellular macromolecule metabolism1466P
cellular metabolism3366P
cellular morphogenesis154P
cellular morphogenesis147P
cellular morphogenesis during conjugation18P
cellular morphogenesis during conjugation with cellular fusion16P
cellular morphogenesis during vegetative growth8P
cellular physiological process4606P
cellular physiological process4606P
cellular polysaccharide metabolism54P
cellular process4645P
cellular protein catabolism136P
cellular protein metabolism1421P
cellular respiration90P
cellular response to extracellular stimulus15P
ceramide metabolism7P
chaperone binding11F
chaperone regulator activity8F
chaperonin-containing T-complex11C
chitin biosynthesis9P
chitin metabolism11P
chromatin assembly83P
chromatin assembly or disassembly99P
chromatin binding21F
chromatin modification181P
chromatin remodeling131P
chromatin remodeling complex71C
chromatin silencing64P
chromatin silencing at rDNA14P
chromatin silencing at silent mating-type cassette22P
chromatin silencing complex8C
chromosome condensation11P
chromosome organization and biogenesis257P
chromosome organization and biogenesis (sensu Eukaryota)245P
chromosome segregation105P
chromosome, pericentric region61C
chromosome, telomeric region27C
chronological cell aging10P
cis-trans isomerase activity13F
clathrin adaptor complex9C
clathrin binding11F
clathrin coat13C
clathrin-coated vesicle32C
coated vesicle77C
coenzyme A biosynthesis7P
coenzyme biosynthesis57P
coenzyme catabolism17P
coenzyme metabolism119P
cofactor biosynthesis71P
cofactor catabolism18P
cofactor metabolism149P
cofactor transporter activity8F
commitment complex12C
condensed chromosome77C
condensed chromosome, pericentric region50C
condensed nuclear chromosome73C
condensed nuclear chromosome kinetochore47C
conjugation with cellular fusion78P
contractile ring (sensu Saccharomyces)22C
COPI vesicle coat8C
COPI-coated vesicle19C
COPII vesicle coat8C
COPII-coated vesicle26C
copper ion homeostasis7P
copper ion transport13P
cortical cytoskeleton53C
cortical cytoskeleton organization and biogenesis16P
cotranslational protein targeting to membrane22P
cullin-RING ubiquitin ligase complex10C
cyclic-nucleotide-mediated signaling8P
cyclin catabolism12P
cyclin-dependent protein kinase activity7F
cyclin-dependent protein kinase holoenzyme complex10C
cyclin-dependent protein kinase regulator activity23F
cyclohydrolase activity7F
cysteine-type peptidase activity28F
cysteine-type peptidase activity23F
cytochrome c oxidase complex assembly9P
cytoplasm organization and biogenesis251P
cytoplasmic exosome (RNase complex)10C
cytoplasmic microtubule13C
cytoplasmic mRNA processing body7C
cytoskeletal protein binding48F
cytoskeleton organization and biogenesis286P
cytoskeleton-dependent intracellular transport16P
cytosolic large ribosomal subunit (sensu Eukaryota)86C
cytosolic ribosome (sensu Eukaryota)164C
damaged DNA binding10F
DASH complex12C
deacetylase activity20F
deadenylylation-dependent decapping7P
deaminase activity11F
deoxyribonuclease activity20F
di-, tri-valent inorganic cation homeostasis53P
di-, tri-valent inorganic cation transport51P
di-, tri-valent inorganic cation transporter activity36F
diphosphotransferase activity7F
disaccharide catabolism7P
disaccharide metabolism11P
disulfide oxidoreductase activity9F
DNA bending activity9F
DNA binding203F
DNA catabolism12P
DNA catabolism, endonucleolytic10P
DNA clamp loader activity7F
DNA damage checkpoint13P
DNA damage response, signal transduction14P
DNA helicase activity11F
DNA helicase activity28F
DNA integrity checkpoint17P
DNA metabolism556P
DNA packaging206P
DNA polymerase complex9C
DNA recombination191P
DNA repair155P
DNA replication102P
DNA replication factor C complex10C
DNA replication initiation25P
DNA replication origin binding7F
DNA replication, synthesis of RNA primer7P
DNA strand elongation30P
DNA transposition108P
DNA unwinding during replication12P
DNA-dependent ATPase activity24F
DNA-dependent ATPase activity17F
DNA-dependent DNA replication64P
DNA-dependent DNA replication80P
DNA-directed DNA polymerase activity68F
DNA-directed DNA polymerase activity17F
DNA-directed RNA polymerase activity33F
DNA-directed RNA polymerase I complex14C
DNA-directed RNA polymerase II, core complex13C
DNA-directed RNA polymerase II, holoenzyme76C
DNA-directed RNA polymerase III complex17C
dolichol-linked oligosaccharide biosynthesis10P
dolichyl-diphosphooligosaccharide-protein glycotransferase activity9F
dolichyl-phosphate-mannose-protein mannosyltransferase activity7F
double-strand break repair46P
double-strand break repair via homologous recombination18P
double-strand break repair via nonhomologous end-joining23P
double-strand break repair via single-strand annealing7P
double-strand break repair via synthesis-dependent strand annealing11P
double-stranded DNA binding9F
drug transport13P
drug transporter activity15F
electron transport31P
electron transporter activity22F
endodeoxyribonuclease activity18F
endomembrane system251C
endonuclease activity55F
endonuclease activity, active with either ribo- or deoxyribonucleic acids and producing 5'-phosphomo23F
endopeptidase activity64F
endopeptidase activity36F
endoplasmic reticulum333C
endoplasmic reticulum membrane119C
endoribonuclease activity26F
endoribonuclease activity, producing 5'-phosphomonoesters18F
endosome membrane14C
endosome transport38P
energy derivation by oxidation of organic compounds196P
energy reserve metabolism36P
enzyme activator activity61F
enzyme binding8F
enzyme inhibitor activity22F
enzyme regulator activity174F
ER to Golgi transport76P
ER-associated protein catabolism22P
ergosterol biosynthesis25P
establishment and/or maintenance of actin cytoskeleton polarity8P
establishment and/or maintenance of cell polarity (sensu Fungi)104P
establishment and/or maintenance of cell polarity (sensu Fungi)106P
establishment and/or maintenance of cytoskeleton polarity8P
establishment of cell polarity (sensu Fungi)103P
establishment of cellular localization500P
establishment of localization943P
establishment of mitotic spindle orientation9P
establishment of nucleus localization20P
establishment of organelle localization26P
establishment of protein localization255P
ethanol metabolism10P
eukaryotic 43S preinitiation complex73C
eukaryotic 48S initiation complex63C
eukaryotic translation initiation factor 3 complex7C
exonuclease activity35F
exonuclease activity, active with either ribo- or deoxyribonucleic acids and producing 5'-phosphomon24F
exopeptidase activity16F
exoribonuclease activity, producing 5'-phosphomonoesters23F
exosome (RNase complex)13C
external encapsulating structure99C
extracellular region21C
extrinsic to membrane37C
extrinsic to membrane17C
extrinsic to plasma membrane7C
extrinsic to plasma membrane12C
fatty acid beta-oxidation9P
fatty acid biosynthesis12P
fatty acid metabolism43P
fatty acid oxidation11P
fatty-acid synthase activity8F
ferric-chelate reductase activity7F
filamentous growth90P
folic acid and derivative metabolism9P
G-protein coupled receptor protein signaling pathway27P
G1 phase25P
G1-specific transcription in mitotic cell cycle14P
G1/S transition of mitotic cell cycle46P
G1/S-specific transcription in mitotic cell cycle12P
G2/M transition of mitotic cell cycle26P
galactose metabolism8P
gene conversion at mating-type locus13P
general RNA polymerase II transcription factor activity62F
generation of precursor metabolites and energy226P
glucan biosynthesis20P
glucan catabolism9P
glucan metabolism41P
glucosamine biosynthesis12P
glucose catabolism28P
glucose metabolism64P
glucosidase activity24F
glucosyltransferase activity15F
glutamate biosynthesis13P
glutamate metabolism16P
glutamine family amino acid biosynthesis24P
glutamine family amino acid catabolism13P
glutamine family amino acid metabolism43P
glutathione metabolism8P
glycerophospholipid biosynthesis34P
glycerophospholipid metabolism46P
glycine hydroxymethyltransferase activity7F
glycogen biosynthesis12P
glycogen catabolism7P
glycogen metabolism29P
glycoprotein biosynthesis73P
glycoprotein metabolism74P
Golgi apparatus137C
Golgi cis cisterna10C
Golgi cis-face13C
Golgi membrane31C
Golgi stack14C
Golgi to endosome transport12P
Golgi to plasma membrane transport20P
Golgi to vacuole transport18P
Golgi trans face10C
Golgi transport complex8C
Golgi vesicle17C
Golgi vesicle transport144P
GPI anchor biosynthesis23P
GPI anchor metabolism24P
Group I intron splicing7P
group transfer coenzyme metabolism44P
GTP binding11F
GTPase activator activity31F
GTPase activity56F
GTPase regulator activity69F
guanyl nucleotide binding12F
guanyl-nucleotide exchange factor activity27F
guanyl-nucleotide exchange factor activity16F
H4/H2A histone acetyltransferase complex12C
helicase activity84F
heterochromatin formation78P
heterocycle metabolism72P
heterophilic cell adhesion13P
hexose metabolism84P
hexose transporter activity17F
histidine family amino acid metabolism14P
histone acetylation28P
histone acetyltransferase activity20F
histone acetyltransferase complex40C
histone deacetylase activity17F
histone deacetylase complex20C
histone deacetylation11P
histone lysine N-methyltransferase activity (H3-K4 specific)8F
histone methylation17P
histone methyltransferase activity9F
histone modification61P
homotypic vacuole fusion, non-autophagic11P
hydro-lyase activity28F
hydrogen ion homeostasis23P
hydrogen ion transporter activity54F
hydrogen transport24P
hydrogen-translocating F-type ATPase complex20C
hydrogen-translocating V-type ATPase complex15C
hydrogen-transporting ATP synthase activity, rotational mechanism15F
hydrogen-transporting ATPase activity, rotational mechanism13F
hydrogen-transporting ATPase V0 domain7C
hydrogen-transporting ATPase V1 domain8C
hydrolase activity733F
hydrolase activity, acting on acid anhydrides246F
hydrolase activity, acting on carbon-nitrogen (but not peptide) bonds61F
hydrolase activity, acting on carbon-nitrogen (but not peptide) bonds, in cyclic amidines17F
hydrolase activity, acting on carbon-nitrogen (but not peptide) bonds, in linear amides36F
hydrolase activity, acting on ester bonds273F
hydrolase activity, acting on glycosyl bonds44F
hydrolase activity, hydrolyzing N-glycosyl compounds7F
hydrolase activity, hydrolyzing O-glycosyl compounds37F
hyperosmotic response7P
incipient bud site35C
inner mitochondrial membrane organization and biogenesis13P
INO80 complex11C
inorganic anion transport16P
inorganic anion transporter activity13F
inositol or phosphatidylinositol kinase activity11F
inositol or phosphatidylinositol phosphatase activity9F
integral to endoplasmic reticulum membrane24C
integral to Golgi membrane15C
integral to membrane239C
integral to organelle membrane43C
integral to plasma membrane29C
interaction between organisms116P
intra-Golgi transport21P
intracellular membrane-bound organelle3574C
intracellular mRNA localization10P
intracellular organelle3886C
intracellular signaling cascade113P
intracellular transport491P
intracellular transporter activity30F
intramolecular oxidoreductase activity16F
intramolecular oxidoreductase activity, interconverting aldoses and ketoses7F
intramolecular transferase activity13F
intrinsic to membrane243C
intrinsic to organelle membrane45C
intrinsic to plasma membrane31C
invasive growth (sensu Saccharomyces)34P
ion binding17F
ion channel activity7F
ion homeostasis104P
ion transport110P
ion transporter activity149F
iron ion homeostasis29P
iron ion transport14P
iron ion transport19P
iron ion transporter activity11F
isomerase activity51F
karyogamy during conjugation with cellular fusion10P
kinase activator activity8F
kinase activity195F
kinase inhibitor activity7F
kinase regulator activity43F
kinetochore microtubule17C
L-amino acid transporter activity12F
lagging strand elongation20P
large ribosomal subunit130C
late endosome14C
late endosome to vacuole transport16P
leading strand elongation14P
leucine metabolism7P
ligase activity119F
ligase activity, forming aminoacyl-tRNA and related compounds36F
ligase activity, forming carbon-nitrogen bonds67F
ligase activity, forming carbon-sulfur bonds9F
ligase activity, forming phosphoric ester bonds39F
lipase activity20F
lipid binding23F
lipid biosynthesis124P
lipid kinase activity8F
lipid metabolism225P
lipid modification12P
lipid particle33C
lipid transport24P
lipid transporter activity18F
loss of chromatin silencing9P
loss of chromatin silencing during replicative cell aging8P
lyase activity83F
lysine biosynthesis9P
lysine biosynthesis via aminoadipic acid8P
lysine N-methyltransferase activity12F
M phase258P
M phase of mitotic cell cycle147P
macromolecule biosynthesis845P
macromolecule catabolism263P
macromolecule metabolism2496P
main pathways of carbohydrate metabolism69P
maintenance of fidelity during DNA-dependent DNA replication20P
maintenance of localization22P
maintenance of protein localization20P
major (U2-dependent) spliceosome51C
mannoprotein metabolism12P
mannosyltransferase activity42F
MAPKKK cascade17P
MAPKKK cascade during osmolarity sensing9P
mating projection tip32C
mating type determination23P
mating type switching17P
mediator complex20C
meiosis I57P
meiotic chromosome segregation13P
meiotic DNA double-strand break formation9P
meiotic gene conversion15P
meiotic recombination40P
meiotic recombination17P
membrane coat35C
membrane coat adaptor complex13C
membrane fraction79C
membrane fusion60P
membrane lipid biosynthesis71P
membrane lipid metabolism109P
membrane organization and biogenesis95P
membrane-bound organelle3574C
membrane-enclosed lumen761C
metabolic compound salvage16P
metal ion homeostasis61P
metal ion transport57P
metal ion transporter activity39F
metallo-sulfur cluster assembly9P
metalloendopeptidase activity20F
metallopeptidase activity28F
methionine metabolism, UM-BBD_pathwayID:met23P
methyltransferase activity79F
methyltransferase activity82F
microbody membrane22C
microtubule associated complex35C
microtubule binding8F
microtubule cytoskeleton101C
microtubule cytoskeleton organization and biogenesis76P
microtubule motor activity9F
microtubule nucleation23P
microtubule polymerization or depolymerization14P
microtubule-based process91P
misfolded or incompletely synthesized protein catabolism24P
mitochondrial electron transport chain26C
mitochondrial electron transport, cytochrome c to oxygen10P
mitochondrial electron transport, ubiquinol to cytochrome c9P
mitochondrial envelope208C
mitochondrial genome maintenance29P
mitochondrial inner membrane162C
mitochondrial inner membrane presequence translocase complex10C
mitochondrial intermembrane space25C
mitochondrial matrix163C
mitochondrial membrane195C
mitochondrial membrane organization and biogenesis19P
mitochondrial outer membrane34C
mitochondrial outer membrane translocase complex7C
mitochondrial transport11P
mitochondrion distribution25P
mitochondrion organization and biogenesis101P
mitotic cell cycle232P
mitotic checkpoint23P
mitotic chromosome condensation9P
mitotic recombination26P
mitotic sister chromatid cohesion19P
mitotic sister chromatid segregation25P
mitotic sister chromatid segregation55P
mitotic spindle organization and biogenesis42P
mitotic spindle organization and biogenesis in nucleus24P
molecular function unknown2164F
monocarboxylic acid transport8P
monocarboxylic acid transporter activity7F
monocarboxylic acid transporter activity8F
monosaccharide biosynthesis28P
monosaccharide catabolism33P
monosaccharide metabolism91P
monosaccharide transport19P
monovalent inorganic cation homeostasis32P
monovalent inorganic cation transport30P
monovalent inorganic cation transporter activity57F
motor activity18F
mRNA 3'-end processing21P
mRNA binding33F
mRNA catabolism55P
mRNA catabolism, deadenylylation-dependent decay20P
mRNA catabolism, nonsense-mediated decay8P
mRNA cleavage15P
mRNA cleavage and polyadenylation specificity factor complex15C
mRNA cleavage factor complex20C
mRNA metabolism188P
mRNA polyadenylylation18P
mRNA processing135P
mRNA transport64P
mRNA-binding (hnRNP) protein import into nucleus25P
multidrug transport8P
multidrug transporter activity12F
N-acetylglucosamine metabolism14P
N-acetyltransferase activity37F
N-acyltransferase activity42F
N-methyltransferase activity23F
NAD biosynthesis7P
NAD metabolism14P
NAD-dependent histone deacetylase activity7F
NADP metabolism13P
NADPH regeneration12P
negative regulation of biological process177P
negative regulation of cellular metabolism149P
negative regulation of cellular process169P
negative regulation of DNA metabolism11P
negative regulation of DNA recombination9P
negative regulation of DNA transposition8P
negative regulation of metabolism156P
negative regulation of nucleobase, nucleoside, nucleotide and nucleic acid metabolism137P
negative regulation of physiological process171P
negative regulation of protein metabolism9P
negative regulation of transcription127P
negative regulation of transcription from RNA polymerase II promoter41P
negative regulation of transcription, DNA-dependent123P
neutral amino acid transporter activity8F
nicotinamide metabolism31P
nitrogen compound catabolism31P
nitrogen compound metabolism237P
nitrogen utilization14P
non-developmental growth31P
non-membrane-bound organelle923C
non-recombinational repair28P
nonprotein amino acid metabolism9P
nuclear chromatin36C
nuclear chromosome150C
nuclear chromosome, telomeric region23C
nuclear envelope57C
nuclear envelope101C
nuclear envelope-endoplasmic reticulum network130C
nuclear exosome (RNase complex)12C
nuclear export88P
nuclear heterochromatin7C
nuclear lumen586C
nuclear membrane organization and biogenesis7P
nuclear migration, microtubule-mediated15P
nuclear mRNA splicing via U2-type spliceosome9P
nuclear mRNA splicing, via spliceosome100P
nuclear nucleosome12C
nuclear organization and biogenesis49P
nuclear organization and biogenesis44P
nuclear pore51C
nuclear pore organization and biogenesis27P
nuclear telomeric heterochromatin7C
nuclear transport105P
nuclear ubiquitin ligase complex24C
nuclease activity139F
nucleic acid binding647F
nucleobase biosynthesis21P
nucleobase metabolism33P
nucleobase, nucleoside, nucleotide and nucleic acid metabolism1494P
nucleobase, nucleoside, nucleotide and nucleic acid transport83P
nucleobase, nucleoside, nucleotide and nucleic acid transporter activity10F
nucleobase, nucleoside, nucleotide kinase activity9F
nucleocytoplasmic transport111P
nucleolar preribosome8C
nucleoside metabolism15P
nucleoside monophosphate biosynthesis17P
nucleoside monophosphate metabolism19P
nucleoside triphosphate biosynthesis25P
nucleoside triphosphate metabolism26P
nucleoside-triphosphatase activity229F
nucleotide binding36F
nucleotide biosynthesis55P
nucleotide metabolism90P
nucleotide-excision repair32P
nucleotide-excision repair17P
nucleotide-excision repair complex20C
nucleotide-excision repair factor 3 complex7C
nucleotide-excision repair, DNA damage recognition7P
nucleotidyltransferase activity122F
O-acetyltransferase activity7F
O-acyltransferase activity16F
one-carbon compound metabolism, UM-BBD_pathwayID:C1cyc12P
organellar large ribosomal subunit44C
organellar ribosome83C
organellar small ribosomal subunit35C
organelle fusion17P
organelle inheritance38P
organelle inner membrane168C
organelle localization49P
organelle membrane471C
organelle organization and biogenesis1025P
organic acid transporter activity46F
osmosensory signaling pathway15P
osmosensory signaling pathway via two-component system12P
oxidative phosphorylation46P
oxidoreductase activity245F
oxidoreductase activity, acting on CH-OH group of donors75F
oxidoreductase activity, acting on diphenols and related substances as donors9F
oxidoreductase activity, acting on heme group of donors12F
oxidoreductase activity, acting on NADH or NADPH10F
oxidoreductase activity, acting on paired donors, with incorporation or reduction of molecular oxyge8F
oxidoreductase activity, acting on peroxide as acceptor17F
oxidoreductase activity, acting on sulfur group of donors12F
oxidoreductase activity, acting on the aldehyde or oxo group of donors24F
oxidoreductase activity, acting on the aldehyde or oxo group of donors, NAD or NADP as acceptor19F
oxidoreductase activity, acting on the CH-CH group of donors19F
oxidoreductase activity, acting on the CH-CH group of donors, NAD or NADP as acceptor9F
oxidoreductase activity, acting on the CH-NH group of donors14F
oxidoreductase activity, acting on the CH-NH group of donors, NAD or NADP as acceptor12F
oxidoreductase activity, acting on the CH-NH2 group of donors10F
oxidoreductase activity, acting on the CH-OH group of donors, NAD or NADP as acceptor67F
oxidoreductase activity, oxidizing metal ions11F
oxidoreductase activity, oxidizing metal ions, NAD or NADP as acceptor7F
oxidoreduction coenzyme metabolism45P
oxygen and reactive oxygen species metabolism56P
P-P-bond-hydrolysis-driven transporter activity32F
palmitoyltransferase activity11F
pantothenate metabolism8P
pentose-phosphate shunt9P
peptidase activity159F
peptide alpha-N-acetyltransferase activity8F
peptide binding18F
peptide metabolism8P
peptide pheromone maturation8P
peptidyl-amino acid modification18P
peripheral to membrane of membrane fraction8C
periplasmic space9C
peroxidase activity16F
peroxisomal matrix13C
peroxisome organization and biogenesis38P
phosphatase regulator activity17F
phosphate metabolism192P
phosphate transport10P
phosphate transporter activity8F
phosphatidylcholine biosynthesis7P
phosphatidylcholine metabolism9P
phosphoinositide binding12F
phosphoinositide biosynthesis24P
phosphoinositide metabolism31P
phosphoinositide-mediated signaling13P
phospholipase activity9F
phospholipid binding17F
phospholipid biosynthesis52P
phospholipid dephosphorylation7P
phospholipid metabolism82P
phospholipid transport11P
phospholipid transporter activity14F
phosphoprotein phosphatase activity45F
phosphoric diester hydrolase activity13F
phosphoric ester hydrolase activity99F
phosphoric monoester hydrolase activity84F
phosphoric monoester hydrolase activity87F
phosphotransferase activity, alcohol group as acceptor167F
phosphotransferase activity, for other substituted phosphate groups10F
phosphotransferase activity, phosphate group as acceptor9F
physiological process4653P
pigment biosynthesis14P
plasma membrane242C
plasmid maintenance7P
polyamine metabolism7P
polyamine transport10P
polyamine transporter activity17F
polyol metabolism8P
polysaccharide catabolism12P
porphyrin metabolism15P
porter activity36F
positive regulation of biological process82P
positive regulation of cellular physiological process74P
positive regulation of enzyme activity8P
positive regulation of metabolism71P
positive regulation of transcription68P
positive regulation of transcription from RNA polymerase II promoter52P
positive regulation of transcription, DNA-dependent63P
post-Golgi transport51P
postreplication repair12P
posttranslational protein targeting to membrane8P
pre-replicative complex15C
pre-replicative complex formation and maintenance13P
prenyltransferase activity13F
primary active transporter activity53F
primary metabolism3135P
processing of 20S pre-rRNA44P
processing of 27S pre-rRNA11P
progressive alteration of chromatin during cell aging10P
progressive alteration of chromatin during replicative cell aging9P
proline metabolism7P
prospore membrane16C
proteasomal ubiquitin-dependent protein catabolism48P
proteasome complex (sensu Eukaryota)47C
proteasome core complex (sensu Eukaryota)16C
proteasome core complex, alpha-subunit complex (sensu Eukaryota)7C
proteasome core complex, beta-subunit complex (sensu Eukaryota)7C
proteasome regulatory particle (sensu Eukaryota)23C
proteasome regulatory particle, base subcomplex (sensu Eukaryota)9C
proteasome regulatory particle, lid subcomplex (sensu Eukaryota)10C
protein amino acid acetylation38P
protein amino acid acylation51P
protein amino acid alkylation20P
protein amino acid deacetylation14P
protein amino acid dephosphorylation27P
protein amino acid lipidation45P
protein amino acid N-linked glycosylation44P
protein amino acid O-linked glycosylation16P
protein amino acid phosphorylation91P
protein binding488F
protein binding220F
protein binding, bridging15F
protein biosynthesis534P
protein biosynthesis784P
protein catabolism149P
protein complex1400C
protein complex assembly151P
protein depolymerization8P
protein deubiquitination18P
protein export from nucleus45P
protein folding70P
protein import91P
protein import into mitochondrial inner membrane9P
protein import into mitochondrial matrix21P
protein import into nucleus46P
protein kinase activator activity7F
protein kinase activity128F
protein kinase cascade20P
protein kinase regulator activity40F
protein localization275P
protein metabolism1436P
protein metabolism1433P
protein methyltransferase activity16F
protein modification445P
protein monoubiquitination21P
protein phosphatase type 1 complex7C
protein phosphatase type 1 regulator activity9F
protein phosphatase type 2A activity8F
protein polyubiquitination20P
protein processing32P
protein retention in ER7P
protein retention in Golgi12P
protein secretion8P
protein serine/threonine kinase activity70F
protein serine/threonine phosphatase activity27F
protein serine/threonine phosphatase complex17C
protein sumoylation7P
protein tag9F
protein targeting222P
protein targeting to ER28P
protein targeting to membrane31P
protein targeting to mitochondrion47P
protein targeting to peroxisome15P
protein targeting to vacuole61P
protein threonine/tyrosine kinase activity7F
protein transport240P
protein transport246P
protein transporter activity49F
protein transporter activity10F
protein tyrosine phosphatase activity11F
protein ubiquitination51P
protein-cysteine S-acyltransferase activity8F
proteolysis during cellular protein catabolism127P
proton-transporting ATP synthase complex (sensu Eukaryota)17C
proton-transporting ATP synthase complex, coupling factor F(o)12C
pseudohyphal growth50P
pseudouridine synthesis7P
purine base metabolism16P
purine nucleoside metabolism9P
purine nucleoside monophosphate biosynthesis16P
purine nucleoside monophosphate metabolism18P
purine nucleoside triphosphate biosynthesis22P
purine nucleotide binding35F
purine nucleotide biosynthesis43P
purine nucleotide metabolism46P
purine ribonucleoside metabolism8P
purine ribonucleoside monophosphate metabolism17P
purine ribonucleotide biosynthesis38P
purine ribonucleotide metabolism40P
purine salvage7P
pyridine nucleotide biosynthesis8P
pyridine nucleotide metabolism34P
pyridoxine metabolism7P
pyrimidine base biosynthesis15P
pyrimidine base metabolism17P
pyrophosphatase activity245F
pyruvate metabolism37P
Rab GTPase activator activity7F
Ras protein signal transduction17P
receptor activity18F
receptor signaling protein activity15F
receptor signaling protein serine/threonine kinase activity11F
recombinational repair19P
regulation of biological process603P
regulation of biosynthesis48P
regulation of carbohydrate biosynthesis17P
regulation of carbohydrate metabolism28P
regulation of catabolism12P
regulation of cell cycle143P
regulation of cell growth11P
regulation of cell organization and biogenesis22P
regulation of cell size21P
regulation of cellular metabolism400P
regulation of cellular physiological process573P
regulation of cellular process575P
regulation of cyclin dependent protein kinase activity14P
regulation of DNA metabolism21P
regulation of DNA recombination12P
regulation of DNA replication8P
regulation of enzyme activity26P
regulation of exit from mitosis19P
regulation of gene expression, epigenetic83P
regulation of gluconeogenesis11P
regulation of growth13P
regulation of meiosis20P
regulation of metabolism425P
regulation of microtubule polymerization or depolymerization13P
regulation of mitosis49P
regulation of nitrogen metabolism8P
regulation of nitrogen utilization8P
regulation of nucleobase, nucleoside, nucleotide and nucleic acid metabolism350P
regulation of pH27P
regulation of physiological process590P
regulation of progression through mitotic cell cycle11P
regulation of protein kinase activity21P
regulation of protein metabolism47P
regulation of RNA metabolism24P
regulation of RNA stability22P
regulation of transcription319P
regulation of transcription from RNA polymerase II promoter184P
regulation of transcription from RNA polymerase III promoter7P
regulation of transcription, DNA-dependent300P
regulation of transcription, mating-type specific8P
regulation of transcription, mitotic9P
regulation of translation30P
regulation of translational fidelity7P
regulation of transport8P
replication fork39C
replicative cell aging33P
reproductive physiological process194P
reproductive sporulation94P
respiratory chain complex III (sensu Eukaryota)10C
response to abiotic stimulus297P
response to chemical stimulus224P
response to DNA damage stimulus183P
response to drug14P
response to drug32P
response to endogenous stimulus189P
response to external stimulus23P
response to heat17P
response to inorganic substance20P
response to metal ion16P
response to nutrient8P
response to osmotic stress52P
response to other organism7P
response to oxidative stress54P
response to pheromone73P
response to pheromone during conjugation with cellular fusion53P
response to pheromone during conjugation with cellular fusion48P
response to reactive oxygen species7P
response to salt stress12P
response to stimulus553P
response to stress399P
response to temperature stimulus20P
response to unfolded protein14P
response to water deprivation10P
response to xenobiotic stimulus7P
retrograde transport, endosome to Golgi10P
retrograde transport, Golgi to ER24P
retrotransposon nucleocapsid94C
Rho GTPase activator activity9F
Rho protein signal transduction17P
riboflavin and derivative biosynthesis8P
ribonuclease activity99F
ribonuclease MRP activity10F
ribonuclease MRP complex11C
ribonuclease P activity11F
ribonuclease P complex10C
ribonucleoprotein complex457C
ribonucleoside metabolism10P
ribonucleoside monophosphate biosynthesis15P
ribonucleoside triphosphate metabolism23P
ribonucleotide biosynthesis39P
ribonucleotide metabolism41P
ribosomal large subunit assembly and maintenance40P
ribosomal large subunit biogenesis19P
ribosomal large subunit export from nucleus7P
ribosomal protein import into nucleus23P
ribosomal small subunit assembly and maintenance13P
ribosomal subunit assembly53P
ribosome assembly65P
ribosome biogenesis211P
ribosome export from nucleus16P
RNA 2'-O-ribose methylation guide activity42F
RNA 3'-end processing22P
RNA binding399F
RNA catabolism64P
RNA elongation26P
RNA elongation from RNA polymerase II promoter23P
RNA helicase activity41F
RNA ligase activity37F
RNA localization85P
RNA metabolism541P
RNA methylation15P
RNA methyltransferase activity23F
RNA modification129P
RNA modification guide activity67F
RNA polymerase complex32C
RNA polymerase I transcription factor activity10F
RNA polymerase I transcription factor complex9C
RNA polymerase II transcription elongation factor activity18F
RNA polymerase II transcription factor activity123F
RNA polymerase II transcription mediator activity20F
RNA polymerase III transcription factor activity10F
RNA processing345P
RNA processing339P
RNA pseudouridylation guide activity25F
RNA splicing122P
RNA splicing129P
RNA splicing factor activity, transesterification mechanism56F
RNA splicing, via endonucleolytic cleavage and ligation14P
RNA splicing, via transesterification reactions108P
RNA splicing, via transesterification reactions with bulged adenosine as nucleophile101P
RNA splicing, via transesterification reactions with guanosine as nucleophile7P
RNA transport74P
RNA-directed DNA polymerase activity52F
rough endoplasmic reticulum membrane11C
rRNA binding36F
rRNA export from nucleus26P
rRNA metabolism252P
rRNA modification90P
rRNA modification guide activity25F
rRNA processing173P
rRNA pseudouridylation guide activity25F
RSC complex14C
S-acyltransferase activity12F
S-adenosylmethionine-dependent methyltransferase activity62F
SAGA complex19C
SCF-dependent proteasomal ubiquitin-dependent protein catabolism7P
Sec complex (sensu Eukaryota)7C
second-messenger-mediated signaling28P
secondary metabolism18P
secretory pathway205P
septin ring15C
septin ring (sensu Fungi)9C
sequence-specific DNA binding31F
serine family amino acid biosynthesis12P
serine family amino acid metabolism23P
serine-type peptidase activity7F
sexual reproduction105P
siderophore transport9P
signal peptide processing7P
signal recognition particle7C
signal recognition particle (sensu Eukaryota)7C
signal sequence binding7F
signal transducer activity62F
signal transduction171P
signal transduction during conjugation with cellular fusion22P
single-stranded DNA binding13F
sister chromatid cohesion28P
sister chromatid segregation56P
site of polarized growth145C
site of polarized growth141C
SLIK (SAGA-like) complex15C
small GTPase mediated signal transduction55P
small GTPase regulator activity58F
small nuclear ribonucleoprotein complex71C
small nucleolar ribonucleoprotein complex58C
small protein activating enzyme activity7F
small protein conjugating enzyme activity18F
small ribosomal subunit98C
SNAP receptor activity24F
snoRNA binding29F
snoRNA metabolism13P
snRNA 2'-O-ribose methylation guide activity42F
snRNA binding46F
snRNA modification guide activity42F
snRNP U118C
snRNP U214C
snRNP U516C
snRNP U69C
soluble fraction36C
solute:cation symporter activity9F
specific RNA polymerase II transcription factor activity44F
specific transcriptional repressor activity11F
sphingoid metabolism9P
sphingolipid biosynthesis19P
sphingolipid metabolism29P
spindle checkpoint22P
spindle elongation16P
spindle microtubule23C
spindle organization and biogenesis43P
spindle pole64C
spindle pole body59C
spindle pole body and microtubule cycle (sensu Fungi)37P
spindle pole body duplication in nuclear envelope12P
spindle pole body organization and biogenesis13P
spliceosomal conformational changes to generate catalytic conformation8P
spliceosome assembly17P
spliceosome complex81C
spore wall9C
spore wall (sensu Fungi)9C
sporulation (sensu Fungi)39P
SRP-dependent cotranslational protein targeting to membrane19P
SRP-dependent cotranslational protein targeting to membrane, signal sequence recognition7P
SRP-dependent cotranslational protein targeting to membrane, translocation9P
steroid biosynthesis36P
steroid metabolism45P
sterol biosynthesis29P
sterol metabolism37P
sterol transport7P
structural constituent of cell wall12F
structural constituent of cytoskeleton49F
structural constituent of ribosome223F
structural molecule activity343F
structure-specific DNA binding22F
sugar binding7F
sugar transporter activity22F
sulfur amino acid biosynthesis9P
sulfur amino acid metabolism32P
sulfur compound biosynthesis16P
sulfur metabolism58P
sulfur utilization10P
SWI/SNF complex11C
SWR1 complex13C
symporter activity10F
t-SNARE activity10F
telomerase-dependent telomere maintenance13P
telomerase-independent telomere maintenance14P
telomere cap complex11C
telomere maintenance46P
telomeric DNA binding9F
telomeric heterochromatin7C
telomeric heterochromatin formation44P
thiamin and derivative biosynthesis18P
thiamin and derivative metabolism20P
thiamin biosynthesis17P
thiamin metabolism18P
thiol-disulfide exchange intermediate activity8F
thiolester hydrolase activity7F
thioredoxin peroxidase activity8F
threonine metabolism, UM-BBD_pathwayID:met8P
TORC 2 complex8C
trans-Golgi network transport vesicle8C
transcription cofactor activity37F
transcription corepressor activity17F
transcription elongation factor complex21C
transcription export complex7C
transcription factor activity60F
transcription factor binding40F
transcription factor complex122C
transcription factor TFIID complex15C
transcription factor TFIIH complex10C
transcription from RNA polymerase I promoter28P
transcription from RNA polymerase II promoter281P
transcription from RNA polymerase III promoter38P
transcription initiation57P
transcription initiation from RNA polymerase II promoter46P
transcription initiation from RNA polymerase III promoter11P
transcription regulator activity320F
transcription termination17P
transcription termination from Pol II promoter, RNA polymerase(A) coupled10P
transcription termination from Pol II promoter, RNA polymerase(A)-independent8P
transcription termination from RNA polymerase II promoter11P
transcription termination from RNA polymerase II promoter15P
transcription, DNA-dependent437P
transcriptional activator activity13F
transcriptional activator activity48F
transcriptional elongation regulator activity23F
transcriptional repressor activity40F
transferase activity676F
transferase activity, transferring acyl groups101F
transferase activity, transferring acyl groups, acyl groups converted into alkyl on transfer10F
transferase activity, transferring alkyl or aryl (other than methyl) groups33F
transferase activity, transferring alkyl or aryl (other than methyl) groups34F
transferase activity, transferring glycosyl groups96F
transferase activity, transferring hexosyl groups76F
transferase activity, transferring nitrogenous groups16F
transferase activity, transferring one-carbon groups84F
transferase activity, transferring pentosyl groups15F
transferase activity, transferring phosphorus-containing groups333F
transition metal ion binding9F
transition metal ion homeostasis47P
transition metal ion transport42P
transition metal ion transporter activity28F
translation elongation factor activity12F
translation factor activity, nucleic acid binding47F
translation initiation factor activity30F
translation regulator activity58F
translational elongation312P
translational initiation48P
transmembrane receptor activity11F
transport vesicle12C
transporter activity425F
TRAPP complex10C
trehalose metabolism7P
tricarboxylic acid cycle15P
tricarboxylic acid cycle intermediate metabolism19P
triplet codon-amino acid adaptor activity299F
tRNA (guanine) methyltransferase activity7F
tRNA aminoacylation for protein translation30P
tRNA export from nucleus26P
tRNA metabolism109P
tRNA methylation14P
tRNA methyltransferase activity15F
tRNA modification38P
tRNA processing38P
tRNA-specific ribonuclease activity15F
tryptophan biosynthesis10P
tubulin binding17F
tubulin folding10P
Ty element transposition95P
U4/U6 x U5 tri-snRNP complex32C
ubiquinone metabolism9P
ubiquitin conjugating enzyme activity14F
ubiquitin cycle69P
ubiquitin ligase complex36C
ubiquitin-dependent protein catabolism125P
ubiquitin-dependent protein catabolism via the multivesicular body pathway15P
ubiquitin-protein ligase activity35F
ubiquitin-specific protease activity17F
UDP-glucosyltransferase activity13F
UDP-glycosyltransferase activity24F
unfolded protein binding58F
unlocalized protein complex38C
v-SNARE activity14F
vacuolar lumen7C
vacuolar membrane101C
vacuolar membrane (sensu Fungi)64C
vacuolar protein catabolism10P
vacuolar transport48P
vacuole (sensu Fungi)146C
vacuole fusion, non-autophagic24P
vacuole inheritance15P
vacuole organization and biogenesis41P
vesicle coat31C
vesicle docking14P
vesicle docking during exocytosis12P
vesicle fusion30P
vesicle organization and biogenesis12P
vesicle-mediated transport261P
vesicle-mediated transport287P
vitamin B6 metabolism7P
vitamin biosynthesis37P
vitamin metabolism75P
zinc ion homeostasis10P